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FMD Subscription Packages

A new way to get access to the products you love.

Full Access Subscription

£29.99 / Month

- 2022 Generic Swat Truck
- 2023 Generic Tanker Truck
- 2023 Generic Walkin Light Rescue
- And more!

Fire Pack Subscription

£14.99 / Month

- 2023 Generic Tanker Truck
- 2023 Generic Command Truck
- 2023 Generic Walkin Light Rescue
- 2018 Pierce Enforcer Pack

Police Vehicles Subscription

£7.99 / Month

- 2022 Generic Swat Truck
- 2022 Generic Police 450 Truck
- 2022 Generic ESU Trucks
- And more!

Misc Vehicles Subscription

£4.99 / Month

- 2022 Generic Dump Truck
- 2022 Generic Tow Truck
- And more in the future!

Why Purchase?

With out new subscriptions system, you can try all vehicles for a fraction of the cost to purchase the products you want! This gives you the opportunity to try everything we have to offer without breaking the bank! Once you have found the vehicles you like, you can purchase them from our main site and own them for life!

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What are customers are saying:

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"Purchased the 2023 Generic Tanker Truck and I was very pleased with the level of depth and detail that was present in the truck. As well as the addition of the water pool, which only added to the role-play experience. I would absolutely recommend Free Mode designs, if you are looking to improve your roleplaying experience. Keep up the great work! "

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"If the man was a dog he would be the goodest of good boys, because he do got that DOG in him. He is an amazing dev great vehicles. I wish his website didnt hate me but he was very quick with alternative ways to take my money. Not that I was gonna leave without giving it to him but because he understood the situation and wanted to find a solution quickly to keep the customer satisfied!!!! 10/10 would recommend"

Louis Didino
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"Anything you need they have! I love freemode designs I have purchased all the fire vehicles from them as my server was lacking fire vehicles. They are of the highest quality. If you are looking for any top quality vehicle you can go with them."

Michael Peltyszyn